Dear Point of Skin Friends,

When you feel an emotion such as despair, stress or depression this creates is a low frequency - current of energy. Gary Zukav.

I always speak about the effects that “emotional Issues” can have on the behaviour of ones skin in my Skinology seminars given to cosmeticians around the world. In a time where almost 50% of the population at least in Europe suffers from various forms of allergic reactions and indeed the rest of the world is on a "fast track" to the same “destination”, one needs to take a serious look at the more

Many harmful substances are eliminated naturally by the human body, but some are removed very slowly or not at all. The term "body burden" refers to the total amount of those chemicals present in the human body at a given time. 

Toxic chemicals are present in our bodies constantly. We inhale them, ingest them through contaminated food or water, or in many cases, absorb them through the skin when using skincare that contains chemical preservatives, chemical sunscreens and more