Dear Point of Skin Friends,

Popular cosmetic and SPA lines are trying to “clean up“ their act by reformulating or developing products with an eye on the environment and on the growing consumer awareness regarding the importance of safe healthy skincare. Some are reducing parabens or petrochemicals; some are no longer using mineral oils, some are adding valuable vitamins and other ingredients but is this real deal? Is it enough? more

Another important issue is to increase cellular moisture. When cells and connective tissue are not adequately hydrated they cannot function at their optimal level. This leads to tissue damage and dehydration resulting in rapid aging; it also results in cell deterioration which again accelerates the aging process. When the Collagen and Elastine fibres that give firmness and tonicity to your skin are not immersed in water they become dry and brittle and the result is sagging facial contours and the occurrence of lines and more

The skin is the largest organ of our immune system.  When our skin is healthy and our immune system is working at optimal levels the body has a biological ability (defence) to fight infection, bacteria’s, and to prevent harmful cell and tissue destroying substances from entering our skin and will keep the essential nutrients and moisture where they are needed in the skin. Toxic ingredients like chemical preservatives, colorants, mineral oils (petroleum derivatives), fragrances as well as chemical sunscreens that are present in most skincare, hair care and body products put an enormous strain on our natural immune system. Our body has a natural tolerance level to protect itself from the above mentioned substances, but when these levels are surpassed then our defence system simply collapses giving rise to sensitivities, allergies, dermatitis, and acne, hormonal disturbances and even more