Dear Point of Skin Friends,

As we frantically race through our days, accomplishing so many things we tend to dismiss as unimportant, or push to the outer corners of our minds issues that are essential to our health, safety and our beauty. On reflection we know (if we take a moment) that we need to constantly be in touch with the inner sanctum of our body mind and spirit, a place where we can really regroup, recharge and regain a state of tranquillity with ourselves and the people and situations that influence our daily lives. more

Let’s take a decision to support companies, salons and SPA owners who are making bold moves often against trendy, fashion and bling bling to make a real difference to the quality of life- both yours and mine, by supporting healthy safe skincare. This means voting for Bionome quality products meaning: Free of damaging chemical preservatives, mineral oils, colorants and fragrance and choosing products that harmonize with your skin and nature. These choices can only be fully answered by the Dr. Baumann skincare criteria of quality, excellence and healthy safe ingredients. Check the products safety criteria by using your beauty therapists Ingredient Dictionary, you will be amazed and possibly shocked at what you discover. Then analyse any Dr. Baumann cosmetic product of your choice and you will be totally exited because you will know that you have finally found your perfect  personal skincare .A beauty treatment with those healthy safe products will only visibly re enforce  the information found in the Ingredient dictionary. Everything suddenly becomes so clear and product choices become so obvious and simple. more