Dear Point of Skin Friends,

Stand up for your rights for Healthy, Safe Skincare.

In the first article we spoke about fun ways of "spoiling" yourself at home. Today I want to take a more serious look at how we choose our skincare.

The customers response to the question “what would you most like to achieve regarding your skin?” is always a younger looking skin or a more beautiful skin. more

Healthy Living - Good looking skin is a result of choices.

Once again that meaningful word "balance". Make it your maxim for your lifestyle because a balanced lifestyle shows on your face .Exercise to keep a healthy circulation. Good circulation supports the supply of nutrients, oxygen and moisture to the skin and rids it of impurities and toxins. Get plenty of sleep; maintain a healthy diet - high in fibre low in fats, salt and carbohydrates. Take up yoga to de-stress and avoid smoking. more