Dear Point of Skin Friends,

Say goodbye to the” Winter Time Blues”.

Winter moods and winter blues are the real deal. When the weather outside is cold and gloomy we feel gloomy. Suddenly we experience extreme carbohydrate cravings (definitely more than usual) and when its time to get up in the morning and we look out of the window to see nothing but darkness, our bed has never felt more inviting and the desire to just snuggle under, hibernate for a few more minutes, hours, days, well at least until spring has never had a greater appeal. more

Let’s look at ways in which you can relax and spoil yourself and create a healthier happier you. Make your bathroom your private "Spa getaway" by adding essential oils, fragranced candles, mellow lights and luxurious fluffy towels. When taking a shower or bath turn it into a spoiling experience. Set the mood with the type of fragranced candles that will relax, and de-stress or revitalize you depending on your needs. more