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Frequently Asked

1) I have redness caused by broken capillaries what can I do?

Dry, fine or mature skin is more susceptible to broken capillaries. These capillary walls have weakened, lost their elasticity and become visible on the surface of the skin.

Abrasive skincare, caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol, forceful massages, sauna and aggressive weather conditions can all trigger this condition.
Use gentle skin friendly or skin identical products only. These products should contain extracts of Horse chestnut to reduce redness and calm the skin. recommended products: Dr Baumann Sensitive Cream & Dr Baumann Horse Chestnut Ampoule

Obviously an effective protective cream and sunscreen must be used.
Soothing masks containing Aloe Vera are recommended as well as a Liposome mask cocktailed with a horse chestnut ampoule.
recommended products: Dr Baumann Ampoules & Dr Baumann Face Masks

Laser may be an option to seal these capillaries. Be ready for 10 days to 2 weeks of redness and the forming of crusts.
The results however are very good. Avoid as many of the above mentioned causes of broken capillaries (Cuperose) as possible.

2) I have brown spots on my face what can I do?

These spots may result from, fragrance, excessive sun, hormonal imbalances and birth control, scarring or menopause medication. To avoid hyper pigmentation you must protect your skin when going out into the sun. Avoid the hottest times of the day. Avoid products that can result in hyper pigmentation i.e. colorants, fragrance, alcohol and any abrasive cleansers or scrubs, as these may stimulate further hyper pigmentation.

Bleaching cream and Güneş Ürünleri will gradually help to lighten the skin. recommended products: Dr Baumann Bleaching Cream
Avoid chemical bleaching products at all times!!!
Mild fruit Acid peels (up to 30%) will help to remove the dark spots. Dr Baumann After AHA Peels
Laser is also an option but be prepared to heal over a period of at least two weeks.

3) I have an uneven skin tone what can I do?

An uneven skin tone can be as a result of acne (inflammation), harsh chemicals in skincare products or exema, Psoriasis, Rosacea. A mild 30% AHA course of 4-6 Uygulamalar helps to revitalize and create a more even skin tone. Vitamin E and C will help to even out the skin tone, reduce damage create by free radicals and improve the general texture of the skin. recommended products: Dr Baumann Multiactive Lipozomlar

Vitamin A will encourage the formation of of new cells which will help to improve the skins surface when they reach there.
recommended products: Dr Baumann Vitamin A Ampoule

4) I have Acne what can I do?

Acne is caused by hormonal imbalances, incorrect products i.e. products with mineral oil as they are comedogenic and prevent the skin from functioning in a healthy way. Acne can also be the result of the interaction of sebum and bacteria.

If the Acne is severe you need to visit a dermatologist. Blood tests are helpful to determine the hormone activity in the body.
Severe acne needs the attention of a dermatologist working together with a good beauty therapist/Skinologist to achieve the best results. In any case a monthly deep cleansing and extraction carried out at your beauty salon/SPA is key and the application of a regular deep cleansing mask is essential.

A mask containing Kaolin earth will help to remove impurities from the skin. recommended products: Dr Baumann Cream Masks
Aloe Vera in a mask or ampoule will calm and sooth irritated skin. recommended products: Dr Baumann Aloe Vera Mask
Liposome MultiActive Manuka, Tea Tree and Lavender will have an anti-bacterial effect on the skin.

Cleansers should preferably be gels with a mild tenside and topical Uygulamalar should contain healing Zinc and Vitamin E.
recommended products: Dr Baumann Zinc Cream & Dr Baumann Active Care Cream

Keep the infected area extremely clean and avoid unnecessary touching of the infected area with unwashed hands. Güneş Ürünleri must not contain mineral oils or chemical preservatives and chemical sunscreens in order to avoid skin irritations or allergies.
recommended products: Dr Baumann Sun Care

5) I have a dehydrated skin what can I do?

Firstly one needs to understand the cause in order to treat the dry skin. There are many external as well as many internal conditions that can lead to dry skin.

These conditions include:

Flu & other illnesses
Not drinking sufficient water
Environmental factors
Incorrect skincare products
Excessive sun exposure and other aggressive weather conditions.

Obviously it is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and avoid or reduce as many of the above listed causes of dry skin as possible.

A key issue is the correct skincare. Firstly it is essential to only use products that contain completely skin compatible or skin identical ingredients. That means that these ingredients must be similar or identical to the ingredients that exist naturally in your skin.
Remember incorrect products cause dryness, irritation and even allergies and must be avoided.

The skin must be treated with a skin friendly cream in order to ensure an external protection by strengthening the sebum layer. The creams function is only to protect the skin from the environment. It cannot penetrate into the skin unless it contains Lipozomlar or Ceramides.
recommended products: Dr Baumann Liposome Multiactive Ceramid

To give the skin an in-depth hydrating and treating you must use Lipozomlar and the most advanced form of Lipozomlar is Multilayer Lipozomlar. They are able to penetrate the skin right to the basal layer where the new cells are born. These Multilayer Lipozomlar can bring essential moisture and vitamins to all parts of the skin and can in fact even repair damaged cells. So Multilayer Lipozomlar are the only answer, if one wants to ensure a complete treating of all the skins layers. If you respond to all the above mentioned issues and change the way you treat your body/skin you will improve your dehydrated skin dramatically.

The signs of a dehydrated skin are:

A taut uncomfortable skin
Often gets irritated
Flakes and burns when you apply products.
Has a lesser ability to heal rapidly.

6) Can I get rid of dark shadows under the eyes?

Dark circles under the eyes are caused by many factors, lack of sleep, hereditary factors, age, health problems (kidneys) allergies.
And nasal conjestion. As the skin around the eye is is very thin it makes the eye area extremely vulnerable to harsh skincare, environmental damage and of course the aging process that further thins the skin.

From a cosmetic point of view, hereditary or health conditions cannot be treated with skincare products. In these cases cover stick or camouflage products are a must. recommended products: Dr Baumann Concealer Stick & Dr Baumann Camouflage

Protection against the elements is key so the use of an eye cream is essential. What is important is that the eye cream contains only skin friendly or skin identical ingredients. recommended products: Dr Baumann SkinIdent Eye Cream

Any foreign ingredients such as chemical preservatives, colorants fragrance, chemical sunscreens or mineral oils can only worsen your condition as they cause irritation and this may well lead to allergies and to dark circles.

A cooling eye gel will soothe the eye area and minimize shadows caused from lack of sleep but nothing in the area of cosmetic products can remove dark shadows. recommended products: Dr Baumann Eye Gel

7) What products/ingredients really treat the deeper layers of the skin?

The only ingredients in cosmetic products capable of treating the deeper layers of the skin are multilayer Lipozomlar and Nanosomes. So in order to treat the skin beyond the surface level Multilayer Lipozomlar are a must. They are easily accepted by the skin as their structure is exactly the same as specific components of the cell membranes and the substance (mortar like) in between the cells.

Remember the skin rejects elements that it does not recognise as compatible or identical to itself.

Multilayer Lipozomlar and Nanosomes can be used to treat the entire epidermis and Nanosomes can actually be used to treat the dermis as well. recommended products: Dr Baumann Lipozomlar

Be sure that when you use multilayer liposome that they and the other products in your skincare regimen contains no colorants, no fragrances, no mineral oils, no chemical preservatives, no chemical sunscreens and animal derivatives as parts of these unwanted elements may be transported into the skin with the Multi layer Lipozomlar and will harm the skin. All your skin care must be free of the above mentioned negative elements. recommended products: Dr Baumann Products

8) What constitutes healthy skincare?

Products that contain only ingredients that are skin compatible or skin Identical. The products must not contain:

Mineral oils
Animal derivatives
Chemical sunscreens

The skin should feel completely comfortable with the products.

9) Are natural products all good for me and chemically made products all bad for me?

A lot is being made out off "natural“ by cosmetic companies when in fact not everything natural is good for one a simple example being tobacco. In skincare products the criteria should be healthy and safe products that only contain ingredients that are skin compatible or skin identical. If the products are completely skin Identical or skin compatible it does not matter if the ingredients are natural or created in a laboratory in order to ensure skin compatibility.

10) What must I avoid when making my skincare choices?

Products that contain:

Chemical preservatives
Mineral oils
Animal derivatives
Chemical sunscreens

11) Are beauty salon/SPA products better than store or perfumeries products?

No they are not necessarily better. Again I refer you to the only relevant criteria: Are all of the ingredients in your skincare, skin friendly, skin compatible or skin identical? Are they all free of:

Mineral oils
Animal derivatives
Chemical sunscreens

These are the only factors that count and they do not necessarily constitute products sold in SPAS/beauty salons as opposed to those sold in stores or perfumeries.

12) Is peeling recommended?

Peeling is to be recommended to people that have a thick, course horny layer.
People with sun damaged skin
People with acne scarring
People with lines and wrinkles
People with dark spots on their face (hyper pigmentation)

Be sure to have a skin analysis and get expert advice from a dermatologist or your beauty therapist on what the peel will accomplish.

Questions to ask:

What are the contra indications?
How long will the process take?
The appearance of your skin throughout the treatment including the healing phase
What results can you expect
How many sessions will it take to achieve to required result?

I personally would choose to undergo a course of AHA (fruit Acid peels) that start with 10% and go to 30%. It may take longer but it is a less radical approach to peeling the skin. See the information on peels.

Whatever you choose to do in the end you must be sure to use chemical free, fragrance free, colorant free sun protection products because your skin will be very sensitive to exposure to the sun. Sun protection products must also be used even in the winter.
recommended products: Dr Baumann Güneş Ürünleri

Use Vitamin A, E and C (Dr. Baumann Ampoules & SkinIdent Ampoules) to help with cell renewal and protection from free radical damage as well as Lipozomlar (Dr Baumann Lipozomlar) and ceramides (SkinIdent Ceramid Creams) to hydrate the skin and offer further protection from environmental damage.

Avoid Skincare that contains:

Mineral oils
Animal derivatives
Chemical sunscreens

13) Are Mineral Oils in skincare really bad for the skin?

Yes they are and they must be avoided at all cost.
The use of mineral oils in skincare products causes your skin to slow down with its production of natural sebum as the mineral oil deceives the skin in to believing that there is sufficient sebum on the surface of the skin.

Mineral oils inhibit the natural functions of the skin such as getting rid of waste product and breathing. If these processes are impaired then the general functions and health of the skin is impaired. Mineral oils are in fact a derivative of petroleum and are used in cosmetic products because these are cheap not because they are healthy!

What is the alternative?

Vegetable oils such as Macadamia nut, Sesame oil, Olive oil, palm oil, and Shea Butter

14) Do I need special products for my baby or toddler?

Yes you do, as you want to start out with safe healthy skincare right from the start.
Ingredients that are not compatible with or identical to your baby’s skin will cause sensitivities and even allergies. In some cases ingredients have even been shown to cause imbalances to the Endocrinal System and result in hormonal imbalances.

It is essential to use baby products that are free of:

Mineral oils
Animal derivatives
Chemical sunscreens

Only use products that are skin compatible or skin identical.

Check out the ingredients of every baby product you have at home.
The ingredients are listed at the back of the products.

Go to the Ingredient Dictionary to analyse each ingredient
Look at Analyse your product
This will show you exactly what is in your baby’s lotion, body cream or bath oil.
After you have analysed your products read up on the Dr. Baumann baby products. They are skin compatible and therefore healthy and safe for your baby’s skin. Analyse these products too!! You will be amazed!!!!

15) I want to get rid of lines and wrinkles is it possible?

Many of the formulas sold as anti aging products are actually aging products because of the distinctly aging ingredients that they contain.

In terms of Skincare products getting rid of lines and wrinkles completely is impossible. One can greatly refine lines and wrinkles and inhibit future lines and wrinkles from forming.

As most skin damage (including premature lines and wrinkles) are caused by diet, the environment and many ingredients in skincare and makeup products. One can make educated choices in order to achieve a more youthful looking skin. It will depend on the right products namely products that contain only skin compatible (Dr. Baumann Products) or skin identical ingredients. (SkinIdent Products)

Your products should never contain

Mineral oils
Animal derivatives
Chemical sunscreens

Sun protection products must be used all year round. Dr Baumann Güneş Ürünleri. recommended products: Dr. Baumann Güneş Ürünleri

Multilayer Lipozomlar will transport essential moisture and vitamins to every area of your skin helping to ensure a healthy more youthful looking skin.

Peeling can be done to help refine fine lines and wrinkles. I suggest an AHA series of approximately 6 peels.
recommended products: Dr Baumann Fruit Acid Peels

16) How do I know what products are good for me and
How do I select my products?

Go to the link for Güzellik Uzmanınız and get a Prescription by Professionals
This site offers you a personal skin analysis as well as a personal product recommendation.
Again use only products with healthy/skin friendly or skin identical ingredients. Product Analysis

Avoid products that contain the following ingredients:

Mineral oils
Animal derivatives
Chemical sunscreens

And check every product you use under analyse your products.

I wish you a youthful, healthy, beautiful skin always.

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