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Stay Informed

Keeping yourself in the loop regarding all aspects of healthy safe skincare, whats hot now, new product developments , skincare alert –the latest info on ingedients that are healthy and effective for your skin, product launches, news around the globe and so much more are available through the following links:

Point of Skin Blog
Photo Gallery
Event Calendar
News and Views
Media –PR
Pont of Skin IQ
Best Sellers
New Products
Frequently Asked Questions
Customers Speak
Ingredient Dictionary
Face Treatment Catalogue
Body Treatmen Catalogue

Being informed allows you to make safe skincare choices for you and your family, be sure that the products you choose contain only skin compatible or skin identical ingredients allow you to check every ingredient in your skincare and makeUp products and take educated decisions about what you purchase.

Receive the latest information on products and product development.
Be part of  the powerful trend(here to stay) of concern for safe skincare,respect for the environment and animals and  an interest in healthy living.
Enjoy the tips and hot news.
Share opinions with people around the the world.
Become friend with like-minded people.

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