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Terms and conditions

Welcome to the Point of Skin site.
This site has been created in order to accurately represent the philosophy and professionalism of the Point of Skin to its representatives as well as to provide valuable information to our immediate customers namely; SPAS; Beauty Salons and Clinics as well as to the end users.

Point of Skin (online) provides all the content and services available to you on this site subject to the terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy stated here. By accessing and using this site you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agreed without any limitation or qualification that you are bound to these terms and conditions as stated by the Point of Skin Directors.

We further reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by posting the notification and type of changes on the site and providing notice of the changes to be undertaken. Any changes are effective immediately on posting this information and by continuing to use this site it automatically constitutes your agreement to using this site.

Accuracy of information

We will always attempt to be as accurate as possible when describing our products and services on this site, however to the extent permitted by applicable law, we do not warrant that the product descriptions, colours and colour swatches, information or other content available on this site are complete, reliable current or error free.

Constrained Usage
For the consumer

We grant you a revocable and non exclusive licence to use this site to create a hyperlink to the homepage of this site for your personal information and usage only. It is not intended to be used commercially (for end users but only by authorised Point Of Skin distributors, salons and SPAS) and may not misrepresent your relationship with us. We may request you at any time to remove your link to our pages on the site and shall immediately remove such a link and desist in all further linking to our site unless agreed by us in writing.

We reserve the right to refuse service and/or terminate Point Of Skin sites with immediate effect if we decide that it is in Point Of Skin's best interests to do so.

We do not endorse or control user content posted on this site and therefore do not guarantee the accuracy integrity or quality of the user content. Under no circumstances are we liable for any user content without any limitation including errors or omissions, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred by the user whether transmitted, uploaded, posted, emailed or otherwise made available via the site.

We further reserve the right to delete any user content that violates our terms and conditions or that is objectionable and against the interests of our company.

We will not be responsible for any interruptions of business, access delays, and access interruptions to the site as well as delivery, mis-delivery corruption, destruction or any other modification loss or damages of any sort incurred as a result of dealing with or the presence of off-website links on the site. We are also not responsible for computer viruses, system failures that may occur when using this site; this includes any hyperlinks to or from a third party or any inaccuracies or omissions in content or events beyond our reasonable control.

The Free of Charge Treatments

We offer one free of charge treatment to every new customer as an introduction to our services and products. The manner and type of free treatments are to be determined by each authorised beauty salon/SPA in their country (locally). We maintain the right to refuse these treatments to customers that do not fall in to our customer profile or do not fulfil the terms and conditions related to our free treatment offer. The free of charge treatments are subject to the availability of the local Authorised Point of Skin beauty salon/SPA.

E-Greeting Cards

We are not responsible or liable for any misuse or corruption or alteration or any other modification or damage of any sort that ensues by the misuse of the Point Of Skin e-greeting cards. Once this misuse comes to our attention we will do our utmost to attempt to terminate this misuse.

Add a Friend

Add a friend service may only be used by registered Point of Skin customers. Only one free treatment per add a friend is allowed. We maintain the absolute right to accept or reject any person recommended/added as a friend to the Authorised Point of Skin beauty salon/SPA.

Shopping on line

This service is only available to registered Point of Skin customers who received a log in code from an Authorised Point Of Skin beauty salon/SPA in their country of residence. Customers may buy online only at the store of the Beauty salon/SPA that provided the access code.


The variety and availability of products and treatments may vary or change from country to country and Authorised Point Of Skin Spa/beauty salon to Point Of Skin SPA/beauty salon according to the local Point of Skin distributor’s decisions and product registration laws.


Prices may change from country to country according to local import conditions.

Promotions/Special Offers

Promotions and special offers that are published on the Event Calendar pages on the Point Of Skin site are limited to a specific date and are always only available while stocks last. The promotions may vary from country to country due to local customs and culture.

Delivery Terms/Payment Conditions/Online ordering procedures

These may also vary from country to country according to e commerce laws and delivery systems in those countries. Please note that an Authorised Point Of Skin beauty salon/SPA may not supply goods to a customer out of is/her agreed local geographical area.

Trial ability

We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed meaning that if within three to five weeks a visible difference in the skins condition is not seen, the customer receives their money back on returning the products that they purchased.

In order to measure the validity of the claims we will compare the photograph of the customer before using our products from the Authorised Point Of Skin beauty salon/SPA and/or skin evaluation according to specific equipment that measures moisture and sebum levels before and after using the Authorised Point Of Skin beauty salon/SPA recommended products.

Problem Solver Pages

These pages represent the general indications of various skin conditions but in no way replace the onsite skin analysis carried out by the certified Point Of Skin Skinologist/ beauty advisor.

Customer Feedback

The Customer Speak page is intended to share the opinions, views and comments of our customers and others to be shared by all interested people.
We reserve the right to not publish any of these contributions if they do not fall into the philosophy and integrity of Point Of Skin as determined by the Point Of Skin directors.

You agree that all notices that we provide to you electronically are legally binding.

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